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Your needs are unique. The services outlined below are the core products and expertise I offer. We can work together to create a tailor-made service combination for you based on your specific requirements.

Communication Planning

This service provides clients with a one to five year strategic communications plan to guide public messaging and engagement in all forms. Having such a plan fosters consistency and focus when engaging multiple audiences through public communication.

PR Guidance for Crisis Communication

If you find yourself in what the media refers to as a "public relations crisis," I am here to help. By focusing on the your core values and objectives, we will work together to create a path forward for your image and reputation. Quality planning and training for crisis can often eliminate the need for this service.

Crisis Response Training

Do you have a plan in place should your reputation be endangered by negative press coverage or social media attacks? Are other members of your organization able to execute that plan? I can help you create your own bespoke plan and provide training to ensure your staff is prepared.

Content Strategy

Do you have great ideas or stories to share, but are unsure of how to get the word out? Confused about options from blogging to podcasts to pitching stories to local newspapers and television? Let's work together using the most effective techniquest to share your story with the right audience.

Media Training

Be ready to engage local, regional, or national media when they call. Don't wait until you or a member of your team has an interview coming up regarding an unexpected development. Be prepared, and use the opportunity for increased exposure.

Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy will help cut through the noise and establish a clear voice for your organization. Find out which social media platforms will benefit your unique needs, and understand tactics to grow your audience while keeping them engaged.

Writing Services

This service includes assistance or "ghost writing" an OPED, a keynote address, or even a press release. I also offer training in these writing disciplines in person or online. 


This service will help you define how you want to be perceived, then focus on that brand through consistent messaging in both earned exposure as well as paid advertising.

Retainer Availability

I am available for retainer options in three-month increments. When placing Miller Public Relations on retainer, you and up to three members of your staff will have unlimited access (rapid response) to all consulting services, as well as discounted rates on deliverables. 

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