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Getting Started

Miller Public Relations officially launched this week, so I wanted to provide a brief introduction. In the future, this blog will be focused on providing information and tips on professional communication techniques to help you or your organization build and maintain a great public image.

Why Consulting?

After spending years working in government (federal and local), I made the decision to start my own consulting business. It became clear over time that the part of my job I loved most was strategy and planning. The execution part certainly proved to be exciting at times, and gave me the experience I needed to become an expert in my field. However, charting a path forward for an organization's communication strategy and providing the tools to follow that path emerged as my true passion. Now I have the opportunity to share value-based communications solutions with numerous clients, making an impact across all of their businesses and organizations. While being my own boss and making my own schedule is nice, the real allure of starting a consulting business is the opportunity to focus on providing expert PR guidance to those who are seeking it.

Why Public Relations?

I've had a passion for communicating throughout my entire professional life. Since before I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in mass communication at the age of 18, I was fascinated with the the power of presentation. The ability of an individual to address an audience, shape the perceptions of that audience, and potentially influence the actions of that group was (and still is) captivating. The platforms people use to communicate have certainly changed over the years, but the science behind the themes and messaging remains largely the same. Methods for successful communication now involve a combination of new techniques integrating modern platforms with the age-old concepts of building a robust image and reputation.

So You're in Marketing?

Not really, but it all fits together. Family and friends often ask me about the difference between public relations and marketing; or if there is any difference. While the answer is complex and often debated, an oversimplified example like this begins to answer the question:

Advertisement in the local paper: "Joe's Coffee is the best in town" = Marketing

Article in the local paper: "Joe's Coffee celebrates 10 years serving our community" = Public Relations

While this is over simplified, it still draws the distinction that advertising is generally considered marketing, while other forms of public communication are considered public relations. Marketing is generally focused on promoting and selling a product or service. The goal of public relations is to build and then maintain a positive image and reputation.

Looking Forward to the Journey

I'm very excited to be able to help clients around the United States as Miller Public Relations is now officially opened for business. I've helped un-official clients (friends and family) over the years in limited capacity, but am looking forward to being able to focus on consulting full time now. I'll be providing weekly tips and techniques here and by video updates. You can follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to get the most recent updates. My available services are listed here on my website, so please reach out if you need any assistance!

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