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I am a long-time communications professional with an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication from Illinois State University, and a master's degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University.


My work experience includes more than ten years as a public affairs officer in the U.S. Army. I also served as the director of public affairs for a mid-sized municipality in the Houston metro area. I'm now consulting full-time, and available to help you with your public relations and communications needs.


Miller Public Relations is a sole-proprietorship LLC. Any consulting, writing, or planning will be completed directly by me. To facilitate some of the branding services and training seminars, I sub-contract with leading experts in media relations and graphic design to create a seamless experience for the client.

Combining both federal and municipal communications experience, I'm now putting that knowledge to work for my clients. The ability to create a responsible, mature, yet attention-getting voice for your organization is my greatest strength.

Most business owners and organizational leaders understand the need for communication, and I want to help you optimize your efforts to meet that need. I accomplish this through detailed research and planning based on the given audience. Now you can spend less time worrying about your public image, and more time focusing on your core mission.

I have an extensive background in providing an assessment of the communications environment to senior executives. What are others saying about you? What is the media saying about you? Are there mixed perceptions regarding your organization? Not only will I gather and analyze this information on your  behalf, but will also provide you with a clear and concise summary of findings.

I have worked for many leaders who knew exactly what support they needed from their communications team, and am always happy to execute based on specific guidance. I am also no stranger to those who need assistance identifying key themes and messages, and will gladly assist in that process. 

My sole objective is to leverage my expertise and contacts to help you and your organization establish and maintain a clear and positive voice, providing quantifiable results.

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